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Where Do Parents Come From?

“Where do Parents Come From?” is 24 short stories about the journey of being a child, a teen and how you convince your kids you were not born an adult! It is about being a parent and a grandparent. Your children truly believe you were born an adult. I know I did! They can’t imagine you as an infant, child, teen, a girlfriend or boyfriend, getting into trouble, sitting on your parent’s lap etc. These are fun, true stories. They will make you laugh and I hope you even shed a tear. We are all prepared to answer the question, “Where do Babies Come From?” Are you prepared to answer the question, “Where do Parents Come From?”

What People Are Saying

“‘Where Do Parents Come From?’ is a lovely compilation of essays drawn from personal experiences of the author as a daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, and grandmother. The essays are witty, poignant, delightfully funny, and very relatable. My favorite essay is ‘Rest In Peace’ – it is CLASSIC! Every time I laugh, cry, and I think aww…that is so sweet! if you enjoy Erma Bombeck’s work, you will love Mo Piles’ collection of short stories in her latest book. Happy reading!”
– Cathy

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