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NALP is PLAN spelled backward. It is the acronym for “Navigating Around Life’s Predicaments.” But…It is not the opposite of PLAN. It is a journey through life as the PLAN changes. Notice I did not say when the PLAN fails. Often the PLAN changing is a good thing, even though we may not see it that way in the moment. It is a faith based book, knowing that the Lord is always with us through the changes and the journey. It addresses unemployment, caring for a parent later in life, broken relationships, death and other “predicaments” as we navigate the journey through life.

What People Are Saying

“I particularly liked the section of Cornerstone #1 of Navigating Around Life’s Predicaments with the C. S. Lewis’ reference (the times God whispers, speaks, and shouts to us…), and when one person’s free will crashes into ours; in the It’s Easier To Believe section.”
– B.M.

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