Maureen "Mo" Piles
“At Least That’s What I Thought” is a story about seeing life through the eyes of a child. When you are little everything is bigger than life, you can do anything. Your house is a mansion. Your ... read more
NALP is PLAN spelled backward. It is the acronym for “Navigating Around Life’s Predicaments.” But…It is not the opposite of PLAN. It is a journey through life as the PLAN changes. Notice I did... read more
Where Do Parents Come From?
“Where do Parents Come From?” is 24 short stories about the journey of being a child, a teen and how you convince your kids you were not born an adult! It is about being a parent and a grandparent... read more
Poppy’s Jalopy is a fun rhyming book about all the kids going for a ride in Poppy’s Hoppy Jalopy but one by one they make Poppy’s Hoppy Jalopy Verrry Sloppy.... read more
  • Did you ever think you could learn Supervisory Skills from the animal channels on TV?
  • Could eating cookies actually teach you anything?
  • How many Ducks have you sent to... read more
Who Could I Be?

"Who Could I Be" is 46 professions, careers, and jobs for the kids to ponder. The colorful and playful illustrations help to bring each to life. The options are endless.... read more

nalp-itudes cover preview
A NALP-ittude is an attitude about how you choose to make the journey through life as parents or grandparents. It is 234, one sentence ideas on how to act and react with your children and grandchildre... read more