So How's That Working For You? | Maureen "Mo" Piles - Author

So, How’s That Working For You?

  • Did you ever think you could learn Supervisory Skills from the animal channels on TV?
  • Could eating cookies actually teach you anything?
  • How many Ducks have you sent to Eagle school?
  • Have you ever won last place?
  • Is it ok to talk to yourself?
  • Is there ever a good time to eat a frog or an elephant?
  • If people might forget what you say; what do they remember?

“So How’s That Working For You?” is light-hearted, sometimes irreverent looks at leading, supervising and managing in today’s workplace. Written by Pat Piles.

What People Are Saying

“Hey Pat, I am really enjoying your book. In fact, it has brought back something I thought was long gone. I find myself missing my past work life, no really.”
– Floyd D. Farmington, NY

“I am so enjoying Pat’s book. Such great info to chew on!! I’m just getting started and am really seeing myself learning some valuable lessons here!! Great job.”
– Richard C., Jupiter, FL

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