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At Least That’s What I Thought

“At Least That’s What I Thought” is a story about seeing life through the eyes of a child. When you are little everything is bigger than life, you can do anything. Your house is a mansion. Your yard is a baseball field. You turn your bikes into horses. You can fly over the roof of your house, if you pump hard enough on your swing. You can reach the clouds if you climb the tree high enough.

Then you “grow up” and nothing is as you remember. But your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews see it the same way you did. The magic isn’t gone. It just has to be seen through the “eyes of a child”.

What People Are Saying

“‘At Least That’s What I Thought’ is a quick journey through the mind of the writer as she takes us from her childhood to adulthood and how she sees the world around her. This is a delightfully funny book for children that is beautifully illustrated, but it will resonate with adults alike. Therefore, I recommend this children’s/adult book for all readers.” – CW in Stuart, FL

“At Least That’s what I thought is a great book to be read as a family You take the author’s thoughts about her childhood and weave them into your own family memories. It sparks laughter and joy and fills your heart with gladness. I bought 22 copies. I gave it to my grown children and siblings and recounted some of our memories. Love it!” – Nan in Farmington

“I loved ‘At Least That’s What I Thought’. Very cute book and fun to read.” – Kim

“‘At Least That’s What I Thought’ is such a sweet book; my son and I love reading it. This tale reminds adults of the joys of viewing the world through the eyes of a child, and my son loves the idea that the way he experiences the world right now is truly magical.” – Kara

I read your book and it brought tears to my eyes. YOUR story is MY story. You brought back so many beautiful memories of my childhood.” – Cathy L

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