Maureen "Mo" Piles

the author

Mo and Pat Piles

Mo Piles is best described as :
• A mother of four, grandmother of 9
• Human Resources and Business Professional
• Entrepreneur
• Youth/Teen Group leader (21 years) and,
• Author
• Her ability to create mental images and memories through storytelling with humor, sensitivity and realism is unique.
• Remind yourself of memories of your own childhood in “At Least That’s What I Thought”
• The memories continue into teenage years and parenthood as you answer the question “Where Do Parents come From?”.
• Feel emboldened and renewed with the introduction of a powerful new word, NALP as you reflect on your life’s journey as you deal with unexpected changes: good fortune or loss.

Pat Piles is a Professional Consultant and Trainer recognized for his ability to develop Custom training to fit the business needs of his Clients. He is also one of the creators of the highly successful Career Navigator Program utilized in New York State Workforce Investment Board and Department of Labor offices to assist the unemployed. He is co-author of NALP and Nalp-itudes and author of So How’s That Working For You?

He has a dry wit and irreverence in his writing that helps the reader discover the key learning with a smile.