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Another Great Festival | Maureen "Mo" Piles - Author

Another Great Festival

Mo and I love participating in Arts and Crafts Festivals, where we also sell our books. We attend about ten each year, with this being our third year. It is always a joy to interact with the festival “go-ers” and vendors. Our most recent festival, in Geneseo, we were interviewed by the Livingston County Newspaper.

An Excerpt from the interview:
“Authors Maureen “Mo” and Pat Piles were at the festival for a second year with a collection of five books about navigating life’s challenges, parenting – and grandparenting – advice and a children’s book, “At Least That’s What I Thought,” inspired by Mo’s own childhood.
“Mo” Piles said she grew up in a house with seven brothers and sisters and would use her imagination when playing – bikes became horses and climbing a tree was an adventure into the clouds.
“As I became a parent, I learned a lot from my own mother,” said “Mo” Piles, whose two children graduated from SUNY Geneseo.
One of the Piles’ adult books, “Navigating Around Life’s Predicaments,” is “plan spelled backwards,” “Mo” Piles said.
“It’s about what you do when your plans change,” she explained, noting the book was inspired by their time caring for her husband’s mother”.
– Ben Beagle/Livingston County News
You can read the rest of the interview and article here.